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internet publishing and new media

For more information about the range of services we offer please visit our internet publishing section. Some examples of various projects are below.

the EDITdirect system

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international engineers 

EDITdirect is a suite of online directory content management solutions that facilitates swift multi-user editing and proofing of entries in directories, catalogues and brochures. It publishes the information direct to the web as well as creating files ready for commercial printing. It is of particular interest to organisations wishing to publish up-to-the-minute information about members, products and services Now publishers can put the responsibility of updating in the hands of directory participants whilst retaining control of the editing and publication process from their own offices.

In addition EDITdirect has a powerful suite of community modules that allows members to post news, events, vacancies, and documents as well as communicate with each other. Editorial control is maintained by a permissions system that allows the publisher the ultimate control over all content. The management suite provides the publisher with information, maintains EDITdirect's easy and effective online publishing system and provides you with the flexibility and control to quickly update your online presence without being dependent on outside parties.

EDITdirect provides a range of benefits including:

  • A streamlined publishing process on-line and in print
  • Significant reductions in resources to gather and enter data
  • Full control 24hrs-a-day over your web content
  • Easy maintenance of information by members or clients
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Member areas for news, bulletins, publications
  • Cost savings
Having a successful online presence is not just a matter of designing an attractive website, it is about empowering your community (members, customers and visitors) to interact. EDITdirect aims to provide cost-effective solutions to help organisations develop an online community, while maintaining full control and increasing revenues. Request an online demonstration now and discover how EDITdirect can benefit your business.

EDITdirect is currently being used to power the ICONdirect website for the international engineering community, the FIDICdirect website for international engineering consultants as well as the British Association of Picture Libraries website. You can explore the powerful updating facilities by looking at the demonstration. Change the name of the company and then look at the web preview and the print previews. Examine the tables which create the powerful indexing system. As a publisher you can create your own headings and tables.

Contact Rhys Jones Publishing to learn more about what the EDITdirect system can do for you and your organisation or visit our website at www.editdirect.net:
Rhys Jones Publishing
Tel.: 020 7091 0007
Fax: 020 7091 0005
Email: contact@rhysjones.com


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ICONdirect.net is an information source for those involved in the international construction and development community. It was launched in February 2004 as a partner website to FIDICdirect, with the aim of bringing together consulting engineers and clients, funding institutions and governments, independent professionals and other experts on one website. It incorporates the International Directory of Consulting Engineers and will include profiles of independent experts, NGOs, government agencies and professional representative associations. Like FIDICdirect, each profile holder maintains their own information and can update it as often as they like.

All profiles contain:

  • Contact details
  • Specialisations
  • Services
  • Geographic experience
  • Project experience

Profile holders can also post news, events, vacancies, tenders and documents on the website free of charge. The items posted by a company are then linked directly to its profile and company website.

Visitors can search profiles using sophisticated indexing and free text searches. They can also register online as a user and receive weekly email updates from the website keeping them up to date with new items on the website.

ICONdirect can be used to:

  • promote your organisation or yourself
  • identify partners, consultants, or experts for your development projects
  • post and search for job vacancies
  • post and search for tender opportunities
  • post and search news, events and shared resource documents.

If you are interested in becoming a user, or taking a profile on ICONdirect, please click here.

If you would like to purchase the latest copy of the directory please click here


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Major Projects Association 
RhysJones developed a directory website for the British Association of Picture Libraries using EDITdirect software. It was launched in 2002 and has since grown into a thriving community marketplace attracting more than 20,000 visitors a month. BAPLA members, picture buyers, suppliers, associates and other visitors can view news, events, job vacancies, publications and quickly locate picture libraries throughtout the UK. Visitors can also register for a weekly email update, which is automatically generated from new postings on the website.

BAPLA also produce a printed directory, which is swiftly managed using the EDITdirect system. Members can update their own records and administrators can save hours by transferring online profiles into print format in a matter of minutes.

Major Projects Association

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Housing Role Models online 

The Major Project Association, www.majorprojects.org, was formed in the United Kingdom in 1980 by a group of organisations concerned to share information and experience about how to realise large complex projects effectively. A major project is defined as any collaborative or capital project that requires knowledge, skills or resources that exceed those readily or conventionally available to the key participants.

MPA brings together senior executives from banking, contracting, consultancy, insurance, law, and government. The association's events activities include seminars, discussion meetings, visits, courses and an annual conference. The MPA website, devised and set up by RhysJones Publishing, is divided into three sections:

  • the public section which is open to all
  • the members section which is password protected
  • the administrative section for editing and updating provides information
The association is multi-disciplinary, international and multi-industry and covers all industrial, government and commercial sectors. It includes aerospace, defence, energy, transportation, IT systems, construction, telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, the chemical and the petro-chemical industry.

Housing Role Models online

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Building Work for Women 

RhysJones Consultants are working with The Housing Forum to create a web based Role Model Directory of people who are active in the housing sector. The pilot project, funded by the Special Measures programme of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), has been developed to encourage recruitment by portraying the variety of careers available in the industry through real life examples.

The Housing Role Models Directory will be produced using RhysJones Editdirect web technology , which allows on-line updating by participants. Conceived originally as part of the Change the face of construction project, the directory will be hosted on that website by RhysJones with links to the websites of the CITB and The Housing Forum.

The directory will be useful for people looking for role models and speakers in various different roles in the housing sector in the UK. The pilot directory is now online at: www.change-construction.org.

Building Work for Women

Internet Publishing and New Media 
video as a marketing tool 

RhysJones Consultants developed the strategy and branding for this innovative project that helps trainee tradeswomen gain the necessary site-experience to achieve their NVQ qualifications. A major tool to help spread information and raise the profile of the initiative was the development of the website www.bww.org.uk. For more information on the branding click here.

college prospectus CD-ROM

Internet Publishing and New Media 
video as a marketing tool 

To select the right school for their child, most parents want to know as much as possible about the values, culture and atmosphere of individual schools. Cheltenham College has a very wide catchment area in the UK and overseas. Therefore for many prospective parents and pupils, finding the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Cheltenham College first-hand can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise.

RhysJones suggested creating a CD-ROM which could be used as an interactive prospectus particularly for prospective families based in foreign countries. Without the sound, the CD-ROM could also be used as a presentation tool for Marketing Director Rev Nicholas Lowton and other staff of the roadshow team who travel around the UK meeting prospective parents and head teachers of feeder schools.

The CD-ROM allows users to browse through a whole series of images and sounds that collectively depict life at the school. Prospective parents and pupils can see the wealth of activities and opportunities available to past pupils as well as hearing excerpts from musical performances and also comments from pupils on their personal experiences of school life.

If you would like to discuss how RhysJones could develop a CD-ROM for your organisation please contact Sandi RhysJones.

video as a marketing tool

Internet Publishing and New Media 
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Cheap and unimaginative videos abound. The standard issue loud video ‘musak’ and the bored actor voice-over that lacks conviction or understanding is a hallmark of many videos.

Not an easy mould to break without a television company budget. However RhysJones has produced a number of videos recently as part of co-ordinated marketing strategies. They focus on what customers have to say.

BPTW is an architectural and planning firm in London which wants to demonstrate the effects of its community work on housing estates to potential clients. RhysJones made a very effective video by interviewing people on the housing estates where they had worked accompanied by the natural sounds of children playing.

Cheltenham College recruits many students from overseas who cannot visit the school with their parents prior to making a decision. RhysJones created a video which consists entirely of pupils talking about their experiences intercut with exciting shots on the sports fields, in the class rooms and the houses and grounds. The pupils tell their own story accompanied by music from choirs, orchestras, and solo performers. It consists of 120 cuts of sound and vision in ten minutes.

Another innovative approach was used to create a video to raise the curtain of a conference in South Africa attended by representatives of sixty nations. RhysJones collected in-house footage from over 30 different engineering companies and client organisations around the world. The footage was sorted into the key categories of infrastructure engineering, food, shelter, water, work, leisure and the environment. Each section had its own musical theme. This rich panoply of pictures and sounds required only twenty words of narrative to get the message home.

Copies of these videos are available on request from Sandi RhysJones.

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